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Aura Photography

(Kirlian Photography)

Aura Photography Denver Colorado Judy LekicYour aura is the field of energy that surrounds and encompasses your body. With a specialty camera that measures the electromagnetic field around your body, I can photograph your aura. The photograph maps your energy vibration, which is then analyzed and translated into the color vibration that corresponds to your unique energy levels. This is known as a science fact.

This electromagnetic energy resonates at specific frequencies, each frequency matching various colors in the color frequency spectrum. This specialized camera has an electronic frequency sensing plate which reads a person's aura frequency from their hand. This frequency is then converted to color and placed on the photograph. The meaning of the colors in the Aura can then be read.

The colors represent the various vibrational levels in your electromagnetic field. Each color is a particular aspect of your makeup and has a specific meaning for each person. This is determined by your state of being: mental, emotional, physical, chemical, hormonal, spiritual, etc.

Cost:  30 minute session:  $80         60 minute session:  $150

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To schedule your aura photography party or group photos, please call Judy at 303-635-2243 (landline- no sms messages please).  All credit cards are accepted. 

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