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About Judy Lekic, BSN, MS, CHt

Judy Lekic Spiritual Counselor,Medical Intuitive, Psychic Denver Colorado

Judy Lekic is a Spiritual Counselor, Psychic and Intuitive, and is a renowned national lecturer and practitioner in the field of Medical Intuition.  Judy is able to interpret illness and disease in the body and, by using a variety of therapeutic modalities, assists her clients in resolving cellular blockages.

Judy's gift of Angelic Communication became evident as a young child.  To enhance these abilities, she studied with Dr. Doreen Virtue, thus ensuring a deeper level to her Angel Readings and Communications with the Deceased.

Her Background

Judy Lekic is a Registered Nurse, holds a Masters Degree in Psychology and is currently working towards her Ph.D in Philosophy with an emphasis on Esoteric Studies.

Judy has been seeing and talking to angels since early childhood.  Her innate abilities allow her to see and talk to your angels and give you their loving healing messages.  As she grew older, she wanted to expand on her knowledge in the Metaphysical and personal growth arena; therefore, she sought out different trainers where she has taken many classes to gain new information to assist her on her personal spiritual growth path and then can pass this knowledge on to you.

Judy studied with Dr. Tad James to become a Master of Time Line Therapy™, Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. Judy is also certified with the American Board of Hypnotherapy.  Under the study of Dr. Doreen Virtue, Judy received her certification as an Angel Therapy Practitioner and became a certified Medium.  Then, she has studied under Laurie Grant and received Certification as a Master in ARCH Healing . She has also become a certified associate Patti Conklin, giving her the tools to be a very effective medical intuitive.   Judy continues to study and grow so that she in turn can bring all these techniques together and pass the guidance on to you.  She has spent thousands of dollars and many years learning all that she can to promote inner peace, personal growth and healing.

Even with all the certifications and classes she has taken, she still receives most of her guidance and information for God, Arch Angel Michael, Arch Angel Gabriel and her own Spirit Guides and Angels.  She gives a personal thanks to all of the Souls that have guided her and given her information to pass on to you.

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