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Jewelry Testimonials

"I put Zadkiel on and then took it off after a bit and feel backwards. All I could think was I had to put the Zadkiel bracelet back on immediately because he was working on me and he was not done. I feel less emotionally upset since wearing Zadkiel. I am going through a divorce and can feel how Zadkiel is removing all those negative emotional toxins out of my body." - Troy, Denver

"I immediately was attracted to Jophiel. I am a psychic reading and I met Judy at the fair in Albuquerque. I looked at the bracelets on Saturday, but did not buy. I came back on Sunday morning and bought Jophiel. I was so tired Saturday night after doing readings during the day and being around so many people. I wore the bracelet all day Sunday and did more readings than Saturday and I felt so wonderful at the end of the day. I was not tired and drained like I normally am. It was great. I could feel Jophiel keeping all the negative energy away from me and re-charging my own energy. These archangel bracelets are wonderful. I bought a second bracelet on Sunday night. I purchased Haniel to help me increase my psychic abilities." -Margaret,Albquerque

"I loved Chamuel the moment I saw the bracelets. I think they are all beautiful and would have purchased one of every angel if I had the money. But, my funds were limited so I settled on Chamuel. When I read what Chamuel helps you with, I had to laugh. I am stuck in my career and wanting to find a new one, but have no idea what. I really can feel Chamuel giving my ideas and guiding me. It's wonderful. I can feel his energy all around me all day". - Christi,Bozeman, MT

"Wow! I did not really believe that I would notice anything wearing my Michael Archangel bracelet; but I was wrong. I could feel tingling up my arm the minute I put the bracelet on. I am a massage therapist and wanted protection from lower energies that I would pick up from my clients. I would be exhausted at the end of the day doing massage and was hoping to maintain my energy throughout the day. I have notice everyday since buying the bracelet that I no longer feel tired. I can do seven or eight hours of massages and still feel full of energy. I no longer have that nagging feeling that I might be picking up other people's negative energy. I just feel so good having archangel Michael with me all the time." -Sue,Albuquerque