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About Our Jewelry, Cleaning & Repairs

I have created a line of Angelic Intervention Jewelry that ties in with my "Angelic Intervention" books.

The jewelry will enable you to connect with specific Archangels and Ascended Masters to allow healing to take place. Many people have unresolved emotions and patterns that keep them from moving forward in their life in the way they want. By wearing a piece of jewelry you will be reminded to connect into the spirit that you are wearing, helping you to focus on what you want and to release that which is not working for you.

Begin by looking at all of the Archangel and Ascended Masters Jewelry and see which one you are attracted to by color.

Read what the Archangel or Ascended Master's purpose is and how they can help you. You will then understand why you are attracted to certain pieces.

This jewelry is created with a very high frequency and I infuse the energy of the particular Angel or Ascended Master into each piece of jewelry. The particular piece of jewelry that you choose to wear will enable you to connect to that particular Archangel or Ascended Master. Connecting into these wonderful Beings of Light will enable you to feel more protected, peaceful, and enable you to accomplish your desires.

The Jewelry

The jewelry is created using Swarovski crystals, known as the finest in the world due to their depth of color, clarity, and exquisite brilliance.

These pieces of jewelry carry a high frequency and absorb and repel negative energy. These infused crystals have the ability to transform low energy into a higher vibration. Physics teaches us that everything is energy. Energy is a vibration. Every thought and feeling is a vibration. When you wear your Archangel or Ascended Master Jewelry you are being shielded from negative energy and your vibration is naturally being raised.


Because these pieces of jewelry absorb negative energy, you will need clean them. You can either put your jewelry on a piece of clear quartz crystal or you can put your jewelry out in the sun. I put my bracelets on a piece of clear quartz crystal every night when I go to bed. Then I put the bracelets on first thing in the morning. Once a week I put my clear quartz crystal out in the sun for 2-4 hours to cleanse the negative energy out of it.


The Healing jewelry can break if you do not energetically clean it. If your bracelets break, please call me or email me to get my address. Gather up all of the beads and spacers and mail to me. I will re-string them and re-charge them free of charge. If you lose 3 beads or less I will not charge you. If you have lost more than three beads and spacers there is a charge to replace those missing beads. If you have lost 3-10 beads, I charge a flat $15 to replace those beads and spacers. If you have lost more than 10 beads there is a $25 flat fee. If you want to replace all of the beads in your bracelet because they have worn out, there is a $25 flat fee.

A Note About My Clients

My jewelry has been available since December of 2007. The feedback and testimonials I have received from clients is phenomenal. I could fill pages of feedback. I have clients that actually have had miracles occur.

  • One client, Laurie, started wearing an Isis necklace and finally had the courage to break off a negative relationship.
  • My massage therapist, Taylor, could only do 3 massages a day before becoming exhausted. Wearing Jesus and Archangel Raphael, she says, “I feel so protected and my energy is so high that I can easily do 7-8 massages a day now.”

If you do not trust your intuition and knowingness enough to pick your pieces of jewelry, just call me or e-mail me and I will intuitively tell you which pieces are best for you.

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