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Angelic Intervention 2: Tools for Healing

Angelic Intervention, Book 2 details specific techniques to help you achieve a greater awareness. This book will help you discover the core emotions that have been stored in your body, thus blocking the energy flow that then results in illness. The techniques outlined in Angelic Intervention, Books 1 and 2 will help you conquer your limiting beliefs and unresolved emotions so that you can begin to attract your heart’s desires.

After more than 20 years of working with people, I have discovered that most of them are unaware of their limiting beliefs and the unresolved emotions stored in their body. The Angelic Intervention books will help you become more conscious of your beliefs and the many negative emotions that you may be holding onto. Angelic Intervention 2 details specific steps on how to connect to unconditional love and a power greater than you.

You will learn how to cleanse your aura and energetically clear your house. You will be able to heal your negative emotions and change out-dated beliefs. As well, the angels depicted in this book are eager to work with you enabling you to resolve those stored emotions that result in different illness. The techniques revealed in this book will help you in all areas of your life, not just illness.

Once you release those limiting beliefs and unresolved emotions, you move to a place of empowerment. This allows you to then manifest your dreams.


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